Which channels should I join?

By default, you will automatically have access to some of the most important channels. Let’s go over some of these:


In this channel, all important group announcements will be shared. We also post information about which deals are opening and which ones have successfully closed.


This is where new members introduce themselves. Tell us who you are and what you are currently doing, which fields and stages you typically invest in and enjoy getting to know the other members.


If you have a deal you want to bring to the group or want to check out what deals others are currently bringing, this is the place to be.

If you are looking to invest in a deal someone else is bringing, be sure to signal you are interested in a deal by using the thumbs up emoji and you will be invited to that deals’s channel later.

You can find more information on how to present a deal to the prospects channel here. For deals where you are charging carry. Please post them in #dd-prospects-carry.


Questions about the group? This is where you can ask them.


Are you hosting a talk or event, you would like to present to our members. Feel free to use this channel to bring attention to it and interact with the community.


As you will notice, we have a lot of dd-channels. These channels are made per specific deal for the community to do group due diligence.

By using a “wisdom of the crowd” approach, our users can share thoughts about potential investments. Group due diligence calls will also be organized in this channel, as well as the pledges for the deal. The minimum pledge for most deals is $1000.

All updates about deals will also appear in the respective dd-channels. Sometimes we will make these channels private after a deal closes as sensitive investor-only updates may be shared here.

Interested in a deal you saw in #-prospects? Then be sure to join the dd-channel for this deal to read more information and to let us know how much you would like to invest in this deal.

General channels:

  • #general: users post interesting general startup news and thoughts here

  • #macro: for discussing macro-economics

  • #longevity: talk about the longevity field

  • #space: an active channel to discuss space news

  • #readinglist: reading an interesting book or report? Share your thoughts!

  • #biotech: another active channel about advancements in biotech

  • #agtech: discover the latest about agtech and the future of food

  • #ai: updates on this rapidly developing industry

Location-based channels

Our users are from a variety of different countries and regions. Want to talk from your region? Then join channels like #asia, #london, #san-francisco